Howdy! I'm Marie, a musical clown, industrial hygienist and patient care ergonomics specialist in Dallas. I work with @RussSharek and @Avalon . I'm fond of and .

@naugeleh @RussSharek
Welcome @naugeleh ! #fourclowns now! Everyone please give her a big hello :) she's our partner in silliness, but warning : here there be #puns

@naugeleh @Avalon @RussSharek - Hey Marie! I’m also in Dallas. I hack into computers and break into corporate buildings. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

@tinker @naugeleh @Avalon @RussSharek

Friends of Russ? Friends of mine.

I do a lot of the same things as Tinker... but less of the physical break-ins, and more of the trying to keep him out...


I am not in the Dallas area.

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