Today is a fun day at work. Two outlying departments have new lifting equipment, so I've been on the floor six or seven times so far after driving out to the country.

My pun brain is singing a song about expressing yourself on the floor.

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‘I once asked the distinguished technologist Walter Vincenti why so few engineers had attempted to lay down a theoretical foundation for their field. “Engineers,” he told me, “like problems they can solve.”’
—W. Brian Arthur, *The Nature of Technology*

An oddly compelling observation.

Not a surprise: I'm happier after a day of hands on work than I often am after a day in front of a computer doing equally stimulating things.

(Today I tested a new bed mover on our heaviest bed (1800 pounds), answered questions at an outreach event, helped to put some equipment together, and successfully used the bed mover with a patient in the bed. Not that high level, but we've been trying to get that bed mover for a year and a half.)

They did not say "just"! I'm so proud.

The answer is apparently Leverage.

Today I'm helping a sales rep put together something he's never put together. It's unreasonably difficult and appears to require multidirectional brute force. He's on the phone with corporate. I bet they're going to use the word "just".

They really need to start doing this assembly at the factory.

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It amused me this evening to realize that I often run my life based on
doing what I must
I can.

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History of #Gopher:
was posted on comp.misc a couple of days ago , it's quite the nice recap, thought I could share it

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Reminder: "-mancy" as a suffix refers specifically to divination and augury. If you want non-divinatory magic, consider "-urgy" in its place, which means "work" or "effort".

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1998: You bought a thing, you owned it.
2018: You bought a thing, it owns you.

I am referring to how a company can take a pile of cash for a product, yet refuse you service unless you accept their crazy legal contract. #OwnedBySmartTV

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Today's the 30th Anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit! It's my all-time favorite movie, and a huge catalyst to jump-starting my interest in cartoons and animation. #whoframedrogerrabbit #cartoon #toon #animation #disney

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Hi Mastodon!

Here is my personal #introduction. Thank you @RussSharek for shouting me out yesterday. ^_^

I am a #clown student and a #writer mostly #shortstories and #microfiction. I am also a #massagetherapist and enjoy learning as much as I can about the human body.

I am currently learning #tokipona and am excited to see how it helps my writing.

I look forward to making #connections and #networking on here with all of you beautiful people!

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Every year the dragon landed outside the town, and asked for a sacrifice to volunteer.
Every year a young person stepped forth: hesitantly, resignedly, or even gladly.
Every year the dragon took the sacrifice away, and left them with a loving family far away.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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