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Congress attempting to functionally extinguish copyright term limits, extend copyright protection to 140+ years; the 11th such extension in the past 40 years.

music brain strokes again Show more

music brain strokes again Show more

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Homelessness and the Royal Wedding Show more

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music brain strokes again Show more

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“Hippos Poop So Much That Sometimes All the Fish Die”


“It wasn’t the farmers. Through an increasingly bold set of experiments, involving remote-controlled boats, computer simulations, a makeshift dam, and vast tankers of excrement-filled water, Dutton and Subalusky identified the real culprits: hippos.”

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Support @Gargron & mastodon on Patreon. They are doing some amazing work!

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Look, I'm going to ask one thing of you this november.


Talk to others about voting.

We can talk moral equivalency about all this if you want, but the truth is that it's not a moral equivalence.

The blue team may not be perfect, but in reality they are a damn sight better than this.

Well, I have time for Mastodon because I locked my car keys inside my office. Not sure where or how. I'd rather be at clown class.

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Every time I prepare to teach a clown lab I worry that my job is little more than to sit in a chair and yell at people to make eye contact and stop acting.

On the other hand, I can't help but notice how badly we sometimes need some idiot on standby to remind us to truly connect and stop lying to both ourselves and others.

Sometimes, I suspect the only real counter agent to impostor syndrome is to adopt that sort of near-poetic sensibility about whatever it is we are trying to do.


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make it a practice to donate in smaller amounts.

make a donation somewhere in the 1-5$ range today if you can (or make a monthly subscription of the same amount)

i am going to try to do this more often since i have the financial ability.

small donations add up, and if more of us commit to a small practice like this we can help sustain many people

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Here's your regular reminder that Mastodon doesn't run ads, isn't run by venture capital, and doesn't sell your data.

If you enjoy your stay at, or enjoy the work Gargron and I do with Mastodon, feel free to drop $1 on the patreon!

If Patreon isn't your thing, and you want a free option have a look at Liberapay

#Patreon #TipYourAdmin #PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIs

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Cool. There's a new #activitypub platform for blogging called #plume, meant to be an alternative to #medium. This could be a pretty big deal, because it means orgs can go all in on the #fediverse. They can have a #mastodon/#pleroma acct for quick communication and host their blog on plume instead of medium and all of it will federate, so users can choose how to follow and communicate with them.

Mastodon could get their blog off medium and @deadsuperhero can get #wedistribute onto the fediverse.
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All #signal desktop users should update as soon as possible.

Your systems are at risk:

Affected: #windows #linux

Why are these good news? Well, a known vulnerability is a good vulnerability as soon as it's fixed :) And they are fixed.


PS: Flatpak fix is already landed and will be build and distributed soon.

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RT ⚡NEW ⮞ Severe Code Execution Bug Discovered in #Signal Messaging App for Windows & Linux

Remote attackers just need to send a message 💬 on Signal to inject & execute malicious code onto targeted systems—without requiring any recipients' interaction

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Remember that time when folks were asking about "Federated Instagram"?

Well... does this count?

"Fontina is intended to be an ActivityPub-compliant, federated, photo-sharing-based social network."