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Gard was an orc renowned for his vast knowledge.
He knew how much blood a skull contained.
He knew exactly how to break bones not once but twice if necessary.
He deftness with a blade was unparalleled and owned the sharpest set of anyone who knew him.
With the help of his elven husband, who brewed the most powerful sleeping potions and crafted the softest bandages, they were an unbeatable pair of healers and greatly loved by the tribe.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy #LGBT

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A quote from my teacher on productivity -- worth sharing Show more

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Hello! I'm Mo.

I'm a life-long artist who got burnt out in graphic design school. I'm finding my creative footing again with painting and sculpture, and I'm always looking for inspiration.

I am also a clown in training! I work and learn with @RussSharek in the classical art of European silliness. Along the way I've picked up juggling and ukulele. I'm looking forward to learning to walk on stilts and ride a unicycle this year!

I'm on Mastadon because facebook is the worst. : )


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So, I recently decided to go through every #BBS on the Telnet BBS Guide site list.

My plan is to see which ones are still up and which ones aren't. Also document the BBSes themselves - as in, what games they run, if there's a community, what software you can download and if you can speak to the admin and lots of other things!

I would like to interview every admin I can, whether over IRC, email or whatever.

If you know where I can find more BBSes, or you run one, just reply to this msg!

Parking lot moment: big-ol' pickup truck *blasting* Robert Miles.

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Knitted jumper that acts as a FM radio transmitter; inspired by protests in Turkey:

I did get the story of the roses in the trash can: my coworker is trying to revive someone's roses after they were flooded out of their office for a while. One of the things that makes her a good mentor is that she does care about people.

Found without explanation in the break room. It does look like a story.

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“The 100 Year Web (In Praise of XML)”

“One of the problems with using programming as the basis of functionality is that standardisation flies out of the window.”

Don’t agree with everything here, but agree more than I disagree.

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Reading … and I really like the idea of live demonstrations of the best safety practices developed in your lab as a way to share knowledge.

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“I wanted to bring these projects to the community, so people can see renewable energy working in their community,” he says. “Communities want to rebuild themselves and not rely on some big municipal contract.”

The democratising potential of energetic self-determination is stellar.

I present to you the sandwich of chagrin.

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Boomers: *spend 50 years implementing anti-loitering laws/overpolicing of public spaces, hostile arcitecture, child protection laws that strip kids away from (marginalized) families if left unattended for 5 minutes*

Boomers: "Why don't kids go outside anymore?? Must be Fortnite"

I learned about Bruno Walter this week: mom described the great difference between von Karajan and Walter conducting the same thing, and then we've been listening to Bruno Walter conducting all of the Beethoven symphonies.

I also solved one of my persistent name that tune questions: the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 7th is one of my favorite things.

My dad worked in the 80s on some projects he couldn't describe. At one of them, there was a lab phone at which all anyone was allowed to say was "Hello" if it rang.

But that secrecy didn't stop them from issuing swag with unexplained acronyms.

My mom tells me once there was a "black" project and therefore a black mug.

Also, howdy from Alabama.

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