Recommendations for a good pan for making scrambled eggs?

I'm trying to find a not too expensive non stick pan that will last a while. My Tramontina was great, but only lasted about two years before it was too badly scratched to work well for eggs. Calphalon are too damn expensive.

Looking at some ceramic coated ones like Greenpan and Kyocera.

@cheesegrits I recently got one of the ceramic coated ones from Scanpan and it is great. Much better than either my old worn out non-stick or heirloom cast iron.

@edebill yeah, the Scanpan Classic is on my short list. I like the look of their "Stratanium" stuff, but it's out of my price range.

@cheesegrits Mine is the classic! It's great for eggs and has revolutionized my bacon cooking. I can't attest to how long it will last. I'm trying baby it with gentle tools and such even though they say it's fine to use metal everything.

@edebill thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I try to use "gentle" tools, but I'm just hell on cookware in general. I inevitably end up using metal spatulas, storing pans inside pans, banging them around in sinks and dishwashers. Never had a daily driver non stick that lasted more than a couple of years.

The only pans (other than cast iron) I've had that lasted is a staiess steel Wolfgang Puck set I got on a hella cheap sale at Costco almost 20 years ago. Still going strong.


@edebill I have managed to keep a tiny Calphalon fried egg pan for about 5 years, as I never use spatulas on it (just slide the eggs out) or oil, I wash it by hand and hang it above the stove. But that's the exception. :)

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