There sure are a lot of people talking about "whiteness" these days in a way that sounds remarkably not at all like skin colour.

As in "look at these billionaires this is what whiteness looks like, also whiteness isn't race"

At some point we probably need to start saying "rich" and stop saying "white" when we actually mean "rich" and not "white".

It's like the Left is struggling to articulate the idea of "class" because they forgot it's a thing, and are trying to make race do class's work.

why did we forget that "economic class" is an actual thing and that it's separate from race?

in whose interest might it have been that we forget?

are we embarrassed to start talking about Class again?

is it that it's become Socially Acceptable on the Polite Left to talk about Discrimination Based On Race, and yet Very Socially Unacceptable in the same Left to talk about Discrimination Based On Not Having Giant Stacks of Money?

did stacks of money have any influence on this change, I wonder


@natecull I don't think it's a left / right thing. Steinbeck nailed it long ago with the "temporarily embarrassed millionaires". The difference now is that social (economic) mobility has become so much harder for white folk, who are finally having to learn what non-white folk have known / experienced since day one. We're in to the last few rounds of the Monopoly game, where it doesn't matter what color your skin is, if you don't already own the hotels, you're pretty much fucked.

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