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Hugh Messenger

Please consider writing your hashtags in upper camelcase so screen readers have a chance at figuring them out.

#whyistayonmastodon sounds like an giant undecipherable mess of sounds.

#WhyIStayOnMastodon reads out "Why I Stay On Mastodon" 😄

(Reason #44 I stay here: my previous requests like this have been generally well-received, proving that most people are awesome.)

Ah, it's once again a Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz - specifically, I'm starting today off with some Snake Doctors, featuring the fediverse's very own @cheesegrits so if that sounds smooth feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying


This post from Michael Hamm, a famous cosplayer, is so important. Fitness people post the best versions of themselves online and it’s important to realize they don’t stay looking like that for very long.

I really needed to read this, the Internet fucks up our perception of body

if you have a GitHub account please go to that link (see previous toot for more) and say something there. Just like a thumbs up or something is enough but there has to actually be more than one voice in this. And more comments/ideas are good.

This is Leslie saying "are you SURE you wouldn't rather have a dog on your lap?"

Yes dear, I would, but unfortunately this code isn't going to debug itself.

« That $35 that scientific journals charge you to read a paper goes 100% to the publisher, 0% to the authors. If you just email us to ask for our papers, we are allowed to send them to you for free, and we will be genuinely delighted to do so. »

— Retweet

Really simple but incredibly tasty "southwest hash", just sweet potatoes and red & orange bell pepper, diced, tossed with a little olive oil and seasoning (salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, garlic & chili powder), roasted on a baking sheet, then mixed with a large handful of feta cheese. Also freezes and reheats well.

It really was a lot of work of a lot of people. But now I proudly present you: #Tusky 2.0

I wish more people remembered the show "Citizen Smith" so I could make jokes about the Tooting Popular Front and Freedom For Tooting.

After VW just smashed the Pike's Peak overall record in their ID R electric vehicle, I'm looking forward to seeing them give the ring a go. I can see them beating Belof's time, but just can't see them coming close to the new record. They picked up 16 seconds over Sébastien Loeb's record (set in an 875 horsepower Peugeot) on a similar length lap.

Us motor sports fans live in interesting times.

Wow. The Porsche 919 Evo, the "unchained" version of their (ex) LMP1 car currently on its farewell tour smashing lap records around the world, just set a new Nurburgring record almost a whole MINUTE faster than Stefan Bellof's 35 year old record.

Timo Bernhard piloted this missile of a car round the ring in 5:19. I'm looking forward to the official video of that lap. I suspect this record may last as long as Bellof's, unless EV's can pick up the gauntlet.

We've got a new Tor Browser alpha, and we need your help to test it!

Tor Browser 8.0a9 has a lot of new features, including a couple major UX changes, and we want them to be in tip-top shape before the stable release hits this September.

I think it's time we brought back stocks and public flogging for executives of companies that leak this shit. Having some skin in the game, some personal consequences, might improve their focus on security. And really, who wouldn't find it intensely satisfying to pelt the CEO and CTO of companies like Exactis and Equifax with rotten fruit, absent any other form of redress?

We can haz dinner maybe perhaps pliz?

Some just posted a video of one of our originals from that set over on the FaceThings.

I finally figured out it was the chocolate lab (Della). After a particularly odious fart she woke up, looked at her butt, wrinkled her nose, stood up and left the room.

Me, playing last weekend at our annual downtown event raising money for music education in local schools. It was hot as balls (hence a bottle of water rather than a pint of Jack Daniels) but a lot of fun. That's my Hammond B3, custom chop job, affectionately known as Big Red.