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Hugh Messenger

Finally saved up my pennies and got a decent knife, a Wusthof 6" chef. I can now retire my trusty 15 year old "As Seen on TV" Ginsu. First test of the new knife was my nemesis, wafer thin radish slices. It performed to expectations.

Of course now I'm drooling over their 5" hollow edge santoku ...

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An osprey looking for breakfast, Fort Pickens, FL. Taken with a Nikon P600 from about 200 yards.

Sunset at Fort Pickens, to bookend our trip. Then a power nap, and drive home overnight ready to face Monday Morning.

Another bonus this morning in Fort Pickens at sunrise, an osprey looking for breakfast.
She's sitting on one of the trees that Ivan stripped bare.

Bonus this morning, taking sunrise pics at Fort Pickens after an overnight drive ... a dolphin showed up catching breakfast.

Made it to Pensacola in time for sunrise. Lucked in to another upgrade on the rental. :)

Do Fucking Backups
410,757,864,530 DEAD INSTANCES

seriously do your backups. things get broken and deleted very easily. and store them on a different server. at home or on s3 or backblaze or even google drive. many good software: duplicity, borg, ... daily is reasonable but even monthly is better than none. and check them once in a while. if you operate something just have backups. it's important.

Aging hipster hackers against the machine.

Thanks to the generous #switter community we are now able to donate to Mastodon on liberapay! If you can you should throw the gang a coffee or two for their hard work!

Mastodon tip: You can reply to your own toots. This won't put your username in the toot, but it /will/ mark your reply as part of a conversation.

Among other things, this makes it easier for others to follow what you're saying, if you're posting multiple toots in succession; all they have to do is click one toot and it'll expand the whole conversation thread.

We always round out the evening with a late night acoustic session by the fire.

My annual Spring Back Porch Hootnanny. Much fun was had by all, except perhaps my across-the-alley neighbors who called the cops. But the cops just hung out, listened to a few songs, suggested maybe we take the kick drum out of the mix and left.

Big Red set up. Beer on ice. It's about time for a party.

A man, his dog, a porch and a beer. Taking a beverage break before setting the band up for my annual Spring Back Porch Hootnanny. Next task, move a Hammond B3 and Leslie 147 out on to the porch.