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There's this one self-affirmation talk that's been marketed under 4510 different titles. I decided to train a neural net to generate some more.

I've added
X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett
to my server.
Because Death cannot have him

The doges, taking a well earned breaking from dogging.

@gargron of course but the point is to be heard. He’s had a bunch of prominent followers there who retweeted him to people who need to hear the stuff he says. I mean, I went from 55k followers on Twitter to 150 here. It’s certainly more peaceful but it’s a much smaller echo chamber

I don’t want you guys to let up on getting @paulengelhard’s account unbanned for those of you who haven’t abandoned Twitter). He’s a tremendous voice because nobody is more “othered” than a POC German. Black and Asian Germans are constantly spoken to in English by Germans, because “they don’t look German”. Different experience for Arab or Turkish Germans, we are expected to speak fluently. Paul is the kind of voice that needs a microphone during these dark days. Not for his sake but ours.

#introduction (take 2)
I'm an old dude (approaching 50!) who plays tabletop #rpg 's, watches #sci-fi & #anime, works as a #sysadmin, and uses #perl daily. I produce an audio #podcast, and still reminisce about #gopher on port 70.

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Today is #backup day! You all make backups, right? And the backup is not in the same room as the computer, right? We use two external encrypted disks and swap them; one of them is always at the office.
On this MacBook Pro with just two USB plugs, that means no printing while backups are being made (one USB for the external media disk, one for the backup, and none left for the printer). That's right. I'm printing via USB cable, like an animal.

> There's never been a terrorist attack at a Nascar race. Nascar fans are all armed. Draw your own conclusions

This hilarious tweet got the replies it deserved.

Petnames for Self Sovereign and Human Readable Identifiers:

Advanced reading / topic paper I'm submitting for Rebooting Web of Trust, Spring 2018

I'd love feedback btw!

@cheesegrits not really better, but I put on a lot of ointment, hoping to at least relax the back muscles.

this instance may go down (and not in a good way) tonight, if I get a wild hair and decide to try out the latest upstream/master changes for ElasticSearch, which add full text searching of toots (but only your own, ones you are mentioned in, or ones you boost or favorite).

But even with those restrictions, I would find that super helpful, and it would improve the usefulness of favoriting by several orders of magnitude.

You Have Been Warned.

OK, am I missing something obvious, or is there no emoji picker in ?

I like this idea:

"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

or free

Yeah, just a few.

Emacs lolz.

"GNU Emacs is an old-school C program emulating a 1980s Symbolics Lisp Machine emulating an old-fashioned Motif-style Xt toolkit emulating a 1970s text terminal emulating a 1960s teletype. Compiling Emacs is a challenge."

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Oh good, the #IPv6 working group in the #IETF is having *another* discussion on "should /64 be mandatory".

/me fires up the flamethrowers


Am I missing something with the riverboat scene in the original Ghost in the Shell movie? Is there Hidden Significance? I watched the movie again last night, for probably the dozenth time, and every time I feel like I'm missing something in that scene.

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