Happy New Year, fediverse!

Here’s to working towards more freedom, justice, and equality in 2019. It’s not going to get any easier. It’s probably going to get harder. All that matters is we keep chipping away at the problem and working on the solutions. Every little thing we do, whether it’s raising awareness or reducing harm or creating ethical alternatives… it all matters.

Heck, the fact I can write this on the fediverse is reason enough to be hopeful.

Lots of love to you all :indieHeart:

Currently the federated web holds 35 projects with 9 different protocols (source: the-federation.info) all trying to connect and communicate with each other. But does that actually work?


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Help me, fediverse!

Earlier today some keys on my HP Envy laptop, Windows 10, pretty much quit working. The F12, 9, O, L and . keys (so a stripe down the kbd). They aren't totally dead, maybe one in 20 key presses register. Although shifted, they don't work at all.

BUT ... they all work just fine in the BIOS, and pass the diagnostic test with flying colors.

I've reinstalled the keyboard driver, and done a system restore.

I am baffled.

Merry Christmas, y'all. Or whatever you celebrate. Or not.

I'm sure this is old news for the Mastos, but I just found out and I'm super stoked. Netflix is doing an anime Ghost in the Shell reboot, co-directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Stand Alone Complex), to be released in 2020.

Another sunrise on the road, on I20, Columbia, GA. 400 miles down, 220 to go. "Radar Love" playing at 11, caffeine jitters.

If you run an instance and upgraded to 2.6, you may want to check that your nightly 'remove remote' cron job is still working. I just ran out of disk space, and realized that I hadn't read the release notes fully, and the old rake task no longer exists, you have to use tootctl ... so for a docker install, it's now ...

docker-compose run --rm web bin/tootctl media remove

OMG. Listening to underwater microphones in the Haro Strait. It's like a non-stop hardcore industrial rave.


4:15am and I'm not even remotely tired. I've been in a nocturnal phase for about two months now, rarely getting to sleep before daylight. I'm used to being a night owl, up till 2 or 3am, but this is getting silly. I'm starting to feel disconnected from the real world, losing track of days, going entire weeks without any kind of human interaction beyond a grocery store clerk at 4am. Usually some melatonin helps, but isn't doing the trick any more.

Recommendations for a good pan for making scrambled eggs?

I'm trying to find a not too expensive non stick pan that will last a while. My Tramontina was great, but only lasted about two years before it was too badly scratched to work well for eggs. Calphalon are too damn expensive.

Looking at some ceramic coated ones like Greenpan and Kyocera.

New meets old. 2018 Viscount Legend keyboard through a 1962 Leslie 147. First gig with the Legend. I'm finally too old and crippled to haul my 1957 Hammond B3 around, all 300lb of it. The Viscount is damn close to a real B3 sound even just using the onboard Leslie emulation, and through the Leslie I doubt anyone listening could hear the difference. And it's only 40lb.

First gig with the new Legend keyboard.

First whiskey stains on the new Legend keyboard.

#Google Home devices have a few open doors ;)

“I was surprised to see so many ports open so I started to do some research and found that these devices have an undocumented (and amazingly unsecured) API”


The Morris Worm was 30 years ago today.

I was working as the network admin at EuroPARC, the European satellite lab of Xerox PARC. We were getting hints that Something Was Wrong, stuff running slowly, sites dropping off the net, when I got a frantic call from my counterpart at PARC, telling me to power everything down, don't waste time gracefully shutting things down, just pull plugs and hit power switches.

Infosec was born that day. :)

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