New meets old. 2018 Viscount Legend keyboard through a 1962 Leslie 147. First gig with the Legend. I'm finally too old and crippled to haul my 1957 Hammond B3 around, all 300lb of it. The Viscount is damn close to a real B3 sound even just using the onboard Leslie emulation, and through the Leslie I doubt anyone listening could hear the difference. And it's only 40lb.

First gig with the new Legend keyboard.

First whiskey stains on the new Legend keyboard.

#Google Home devices have a few open doors ;)

“I was surprised to see so many ports open so I started to do some research and found that these devices have an undocumented (and amazingly unsecured) API”

The Morris Worm was 30 years ago today.

I was working as the network admin at EuroPARC, the European satellite lab of Xerox PARC. We were getting hints that Something Was Wrong, stuff running slowly, sites dropping off the net, when I got a frantic call from my counterpart at PARC, telling me to power everything down, don't waste time gracefully shutting things down, just pull plugs and hit power switches.

Infosec was born that day. :)

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An interesting and very well put together game / game theory explanation of "trust".

I'm an old cishet white tech guy, who runs a Mastodon instance mostly for techno fun, and because I'm sick of corporate social media. I knew very little about the non binary / trans world when I started here 10 months ago. But I've learned a lot. It's been an eye opening year.

Anyway, in the light of the poisonous bile coming from the US administration this last week, I just wanted to say that there's a lot of us binary folk who support you and will fight this as hard as we can.

Thoroughly enjoying the Divine Cities trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett. Excellent fantasy world building, engaging characters, well paced.

Announcing G+MM AMA: Mastodon creator Eugen "Gargron" Rochko, Monday 22 October 1pm US/Eastern

Eugen Rochko, (, the creator of the Mastodon microblogging platform, has agreed to participate in an AMA on G+MM at 5pm Central European Time (1PM US/Eastern, 10AM US/Pacific), on Monday 22 October 2018, in the Google+ Mass Migration community on Google+.

#googleplus #gmmAmas #ama #mastodon #gplusrefugees #gmm #plexodus

Yay! My much awaited Viscount Legend Live finally arrived.

@rtwx Having something akin to the G+ Communities in Mastodon would be a reallly great feature!

The lack of such a feature is the #1 reason why many of my contacts from G+ won't follow me to Mastodon.

I need more musicians in my feed!

If you are one, or have someone to recommend, feel free to let me know. I'll check it out and follow if it's up my alley 🎶


MoCheese has been a bit clingy all week, since I got back from a few days traveling, even when I'm in the tub. He's looking pissed, because he just realized his big fat belly was hanging in the water, which is what I was trying to get a picture of. He hauled it up and sucked his gut in to try and look more photogenic.

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This is a "general purpose" Mastodon instance, no specific theme. I created it because I'm sick of being a product for Corporate Surveillance and Big Data, sick of the hate filled cesspools and algorithm driven engagement factories that pass for social media. I want my internet back! It seems like a decentralized, open source, federated platform like Mastodon has possibilities, and as I've been a network admin for 35 years, I thought I might as well run an instance.